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01 July 2011

The Blues Collection 83 -Jimmy Johnson - County Preacher

01. Jimmy Johnson - Country Preacher (4:41)
02. Jimmy Johnson - I Can\'t Survive (3:46)
03. Jimmy Johnson - Dead Or Alive (4:39)
04. Jimmy Johnson - Sang A Song In Heaven (2:55)
05. Jimmy Johnson - Ashes In My Ashtray (4:29)
06. Jimmy Johnson - The Twelve Bar Blues (3:44)
07. Jimmy Johnson - I Need Some Easy Money (3:36)
08. Jimmy Johnson - Jockey Sports (4:29)
09. Jimmy Johnson - When My First Wife Quit Me (5:20)
10. Jimmy Johnson - Pretty Baby (3:59)
11. Jimmy Johnson - Looking For My Baby (6:00)
12. Jimmy Johnson - Hi Heel Sneakers (4:46)


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